In addition to rigorous, common instructional strategies, E Prep implements a strong assessment program.  Monthly, teacher-designed short cycle assessments are administered in Reading, Mathematics, Writing, Social Studies and Science.  These assessments are aligned to the Ohio Content Standards and are used to monitor student achievement, differentiate instruction, and to adjust the curriculum to better meet the needs of the students.  In addition to these monthly assessments, all content area teachers create, design and administer comprehensive exams at the end of each trimester.  These assessments are content-specific and are aligned to the Ohio Content Standards.  The goal of E Prep’s Comprehensive Exams is to mimic college mid-terms and finals and to encourage the students to study for the Ohio Achievement Test. Students, identified through our assessment system, who are below proficiency in Reading and/or Mathematics receive an additional 60 minutes of daily, remedial instruction in both content areas; thus, totaling 120 minutes of instruction in these two content areas.  Additionally these students are required to attend Saturday School.

E Prep administers two high stakes assessments.  The Stanford 10, a nationally norm- referenced assessment, is given at the beginning of each school year.  The Stanford 10 measures growth over time.  The Ohio Achievement Test is administered in the Spring.  Teachers help students prepare for this assessment by strategically designing lesson plans, assessments, class activities/projects, as well as, designing nightly homework that reinforces Ohio’s Content Standards.