E Prep Hip-Hop

E Prep Hip-Hop is a program that intertwines sports and dance. Our Hip-Hop team requires students to maintain their academics, behavior, and ability to be an overall motivated individual. The intense, energetic, and fun practices will prepare the students for performances; performances are held at E Prep, Lake Erie College along with future locations around northeastern area.
Students will gain:


The Hip-Hop program is the newest program offered at E Prep. The students push themselves mentally and physically which transitions into the classroom and into their lives. E Prep, changing lives through hip-hop dance, “MOTIVATED WE ARE.”

Student Newspaper Club

411 with E Prep is the student newspaper created to give those students who have a passion for writing the chance to be able to write about certain issues and share them with their classmates, teachers, and parents.

This club gives students the chance to write about sports, music, current events, politics, local school/community happenings, book/movie reviews and anything else a student wishes to write about.

Our goal is to produce one newspaper every other month. At the beginning of each cycle, each student chooses what they wish to contribute to the newspaper. Each student researches using the internet, books, and interviews. They write their article, and then go through a peer revision, teacher revision, and final typing.

Newspaper is very beneficial to those students participating in the club, as they continue to strengthen their writing skills, and begin learning how to research properly. The students and teachers love reading the newspaper, as all of the articles are written by their peers; each student enjoys reading about what their classmates are involved in, as well as what is going on in their community. Parents also enjoy receiving the student newspaper; it brings home what is going on in school, what the students are learning, and just a quick look into the E Prep life.

Lastly, in addition to the writing and reading that the 411 with E Prep brings to its students, we have speakers come in, to give seminars on how to write an effective article.